About R. Ferguson Fitness and EZ-Lats plus

robRob Ferguson is a personal trainer at McHenry County Orthopaedics (MCO). MCO is an orthopaedic, physical therapy and sports enhancement facility in northern Illinois. He has assisted a variety of clients in achieving their fitness goals. Individuals often experience difficulty engaging the correct muscles for each specific exercise, even after much professional guidance and training. This is especially true of the “lat pull down” exercise.

This inherently difficult exercise has inspired Rob to create an alternative method of strengthening the Latissimus Dorsi (Lat) muscle: the EZ-Lats plus hands free method.

The EZ-Lats plus hands free method directs proper form which promotes more precise and more timely lat development. A conventional “lat pull down” exercise is performed by gripping a bar with both hands which creates tension in the hands and forearms. This can be difficult or even prohibitive for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or other hand/wrist impairments. Now you can create a pulling force without activating the biceps which would otherwise lessen the efficiency for lat development. The EZ-Lats plus hands free method more efficiently trains the back muscles without fatiguing the biceps.

The EZ-Lats plus hands free method is simple to use. Both arms fit securely and comfortably into a patented cuff. The hands free design securely holds one’s elbows within the cuff pocket, allowing for hands-free pulling while the pivoting cuff permits an effective range of motion.